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I'm Judy, a certified health, life, and mountain bike skills coach. I want to help you

Feel Unstoppable

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

  • Feel like you’ve aged a lot in the last couple years? 

  • No patience for your kid? 

  • Snapped at your partner? 

  • Burnout, fatigue or depression in the post-covid era? 

  • Eating in the car or while on the move? 

  • Wish you had a dinner plan without stressing? 

  • Missing out on the relationships you want? 

  • Not sticking to your workout plan? 

  • Curious about an alternative to therapy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions- I can relate. I work with clients a lot like myself: work-hard play-hard professionals, that are also adventurers and athletes. The problem is that going hard all the time is not sustainable- people often lose track of the most important things. I work one on one with clients to help them reclaim their time and energy to reconnect with the most important things: their health, families and loved ones, and work-life balance. 

Troy self portrait

Before coaching with Judy, I struggled with insomnia. 

Then Judy helped me see that I need to honor my wind-down routine and recognize that my active mind can be satisfied with the day and it’s time to rest. 

The most significant result I’ve experienced from coaching with Judy is getting sleep! However, during my time coaching with Judy, I’ve also launched a new career, progressed in certification programs, and started a daily tai chi practice. 

I feel great. I have focus, confidence and clarity, and I feel ready to take on new challenges. 

What I loved about coaching with Judy was her unstoppable enthusiasm and her curiosity to listen without judgment. -Troy, Alberta


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